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Laiwu International Steel Exposition


Laiwu International Steel Exposition is jointly organized by China Steel Industry Association and the Government of Laiwu City. It has been held in Laiwu City once a year since 2005. Laiwu, named "Ying Mou" in ancient times, is located in the center of Shandong Province. It is famous for its three thousand years’ history of smelting and two thousand years history of iron smelting. So now it has the largest H-beam steel production base of China, the national new materials industry base and the largest steel production and deep processing base in Shandong, which means a rich industrial foundation. And in consequence, Laiwu has the initial formation of iron and steel industry as the leader, smelting, energy, machinery, spin and construction materials as the support, which is forming the manufacture and production system of light industry and heavy industry being in a harmonious proportion and energy and raw materials being in a good fitting. Laiwu International Steel Exposition has set up an excellent platform for the communication and cooperation between the same industries. And it has become the industry booster of Laiwu, which is named as the “Steel City and Coal Metropolis” in China.


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