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Modern Industry


  The city’s industrial production increases steadily. At the end of 2015, there were as many as 611 industrial enterprises above designated scale, 16 more than the end of the previous year. They generated an added value of 29,684 million yuan throughout the year, up 6.47%, with light industry creating an added value of 3,487 million yuan, up 4.96%, and heavy industry creating an added value of 26,197 million yuan, up 6.53%. The steel and non-steel industrial structure was adjusted to 40.2: 59.8 from 43.5: 56.5 in the previous year, and the proportion of non-steel industries rose 3.3 percentage points.

  There is a decline in industrial economic benefits. In 2015, the main business income of the industry above designated scale stood at 183,268 million yuan, 4.69% lower than the previous year, with 3,717 million yuan of profits and taxes realized, 34.48% lower, and 1,393 million yuan of profits realized, 51.7% lower. The composite index of the economic performance of industrial enterprises above designated scale achieved 283.95%, 1.74% lower than the previous year; the overall labor productivity achieved 327,000 yuan/person, up 4.47%.

  There is a rather rapid growth in major industrial products. In 2015, the output of major industrial products continued to grow rather rapidly, with 6,215,000 tons of raw iron ore, up 2.4%; 17,657,000 tons of pig iron, down 6.7%; 16,832,000 tons of crude steel, down 5.7%; 18,792,000 tons of steel products, down 1.5%; and 34,000 tons of powder metallurgy parts, down 5.4%. The sale of industrial products is in good condition, with a selling rate of 97.83%.