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Laiwu Yingqin Culture Research Institute Launched Website


  The first professional website dominated by Laiwu Yingqin Culture Research Institute opened up in due form on December 14 in our city, aiming for propagandizing and exhibiting Laiwu’s historical culture.

  This website after launch will be in line with the principle of holding positive direction, spreading positive energy and honoring intellectual property right to show up the progress of historic cultural study in our city, to issue research result and report the dynamic state of historiography in due course, while also will reveal to the public the Yingqin culture research result in the past 16 years in Laiwu with a view to making the website serve as a place of academic discussion in historian circle, a platform of horizontal exchange, and a window for external propaganda, aiming at a further boost to the industrialization of historical and cultural resources in our city.