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Colorful Scenic Featured Events Heralding Good Start of Tourism in New Year


Scenic featured activities are rich. During the New Year holiday, the activity of ultimately experiencing 26-degree small Hainan of Shandong Province in search of beautiful spring was taking place in Xueye Agro-Expo Garden, and the indoor southland scene just as warm as spring formed a delightful contrast to the outdoor winter sight. Fanggan Scenic Spot has been offering discounts from the New Year holiday to Spring Festival. Longshan Scenic Area offers a chance of free travel while leaving the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of soft rime at the time of walking in the snow. During the New Year holiday, Qishan Management Committee and Qishan Hot-Spring Town organized a National Photography Competition called Charming Qishan, offering a chance of winning the admission ticket or local specialty or other awards while tourists also can appreciate the artistic performance. The strawberry planted in Dongwangzhuang Village of Wenyuan Sub-street Office and Xujiadian Village of Xinzhuang Town is ripe for picking by tourists; while celery, spinach, cauliflower, rape, lettuce are ready for picking during the New Year holiday and Spring Festival in Huangliangpo colorful garden stuff plantation and Lyuzuquan Huitong Fruit and Vegetable Planting Cooperative; picking of cucumber, strawberry, tomato, celery and other green, pollution-free agricultural products planted in ecological greenhouse located in Badazhuang Village of Qishan will last from the New Year holiday to May Day holiday.  

Skiing in Xueye has updated across the board. The ski field newly opened an ice-sports park offering skiing events such as snowfield zorbing, snowfield tank, snowfield motorcycle, snowfield CS, snowfield hovercraft, snowfield merry-go-round, and horse traction sledge and alike, of which, many events appropriate for children’s play are well organized.