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Engines Are Equipped with the “Made in Laiwu” Brain


  Lately, AGC INC’s Technical Director Dr. Ma Qi paid a special visit to AGC Laiwu Co., Ltd., to install their independently developed electronic control system in an engine and finished automobile for a test. It has been found through the trial run, that the electronic control system developed independently by AGC INC has achieved a great breakthrough technically, and reached the international leading position. The one-off ignition success of this electronic control system can be called a milestone for AGC Laiwu Co., Ltd. At present, the company already has its electronic control production equipment and test equipment in position, and will be starting mass production soon, to equip automotive engines with the “domestic” brain manufactured by Laiwu. The company can produce 200,000 engine electronic control system sets annually when the design capacity is reached, and will also introduce them into international markets in addition to the “self reliance and self consumption” on V6 engines.