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“Laiwu Ginger” Brand Value Breaking RMB Ten Billion


  As China’s main production and export base, the ginger products of the city are distributed all over the world. The “Jianglaoda” and “Toudaocai” and other ginger brands set sail, becoming a shining “Laiwu business card” in the international market.

  As the first national major exporter of ginger - Manhing Food Co., Ltd. obtained the sales revenue of RMB 1.45 billion, foreign exchange earnings from export of USD 170 million, and its products were sold to 80 countries and regions, such as Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East last year. Driven by Manhing, Dongxingyuan and other leading enterprises, “Laiwu ginger” brand value is increasingly improving. The currently issued assessment information of Chinese brand value in 2016 shown that “Laiwu ginger” brand value reached RMB 12.366 billion. Laiwu ginger has more than two thousand years of planning history. Ginger was a tribute of the imperial court in the feudal society. In February 1960, national “Planning Meeting for Ginger, Garlic and Onion” was held in Laiwu. In 1997, Laiwu was named as the “China’s Hometown for Ginger Production”. In 2003, Laiwu ginger obtained marking and registration of place of origin by the State Quality Inspection Administration. In 2008, Laiwu ginger obtained geographical indication certification mark of the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, and became only ginger product specially provided for the Olympic Games. It was rated as one of “100 tourism products that must be purchased when travelling in Shandong” in 2011, and ranked at the top place.

  In recent years, in order to consolidate the basis of branding of ginger products, the city has taken the lead in the implementation of green card action plan of exporting agricultural products throughout the province, practicing the production quality and safety control during whole process, in which “Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for Export of Ginger and Garlic” was initiative, and the provincial exported ginger garlic cultivation standard promulgated by the Shandong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau in 2007 was named as the national cultivation standard for exported ginger and garlic by the state in 2008. 10 enterprises passed the EU GAP certification, 20 enterprises passed the Chinese GAP certification, and 60 enterprises passed the Asian food hygiene and safety control (HACCP) certification. Among them, Manhing company is the first provincial enterprise passing the EU GAP certification, as well the first national enterprise passing the TNC certification. “Tonghai” brand and “Yingmou” brand gingers were identified as the pollution-free agricultural products. “Taishan” brand ginger was recommended as the first batch of “Shandong brand-name and high-quality agricultural products” and the products specially provided for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. In the meanwhile, the city positively organized the industrial association to carry out “Laiwu ginger” geographical indication registration protection, promote public brand building of the regional ginger products, and boost the standardized, industrialized and international development of gingers.