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Laiwu Branch of Shandong Research Society of Sun Tzu Founded


  On June 27, the launch ceremony of Laiwu Branch of Shandong Research Society of Sun Tzu was held in Laiwu Ying Qin Culture Research Institute, signifying that the research work on Ying Qin culture has entered a new research field in our city.

  Shandong Research Society of Sun Tzu was founded under the initiative and instructions of previous Jinan Military District, provincial party committee and provincial government. Over the past 14 years since its foundation, various kinds of monographs were published in succession, and the popularization of military science has achieved desired effect, now, it is credited as an nationwide outstanding talent in the research field of military tech in the context of broad and deep cooperation of all the parties while it has gradually become a business card and logo of our province qualifying as a culture-rich province. Laiwu has been a place of great military importance through the ages, and witnessed several classic encounters that will shine throughout the history, such as the battle of Changshao, the battle of Ailing and the Laiwu campaign. Since Laiwu has abundant strategic cultural resources, conducting research on military tech by blending itself into the Yin Qing spirit that “adores literacy and admires warrior” will play a positive role of promoting Laiwu’s historical decorous feeling and tangible effect.