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Laiwu Delegation Visits the Netherlands, Israel and Georgia



From July 31 to August 9, a delegation of Laiwu City headed by the Laiwu Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Laiwu City Mayor Mr. Mei Jianhua, visited the Netherlands, Israel and Georgia, to negotiate about economic and trade cooperation, expand external communication, seek for cooperation opportunities, and learn from foreign cities’ advanced experiences in the development of enterprises, technological innovation and other areas, aiming to achieve significant results.    
  On July 31 and August 1, the party led by Mr. Mei Jianhua visited theNetherlands. In Amsterdam, Mr. Mei Jianhua met with Lavoigu Chemical Company manager Manfred, to have an in-depth communication on the company’s deep cooperation with Laiwu’s relevant companies, and attended the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Laiwu Taihe Biochemistry Co., Ltd. and Lavoigu Chemical Company. In Heerlen, Mr. Mei Jianhua led the delegation to the headquarters of DSM, to pay an on-site visit to DSM’s R&D Center and polymer fiber production plant; held talks with DSM Vice President Olivier; the two sides further discussed such matters as the cooperation on expanded production of high performance fibers, investment in building R&D test production lines, and so forth in Laiwu, and reached an initial cooperation intention.

From August 2 to 5, Mr. Mei Jianhua and his party visitedIsrael. In Eilat, Mr. Mei Jianhua negotiated with the mayor of Eilat and heads of urban construction, tourism development and other departments about building a sister city relationship together as well as boosting talent exchange and technical cooperation, and reached a consensus. Both sides stated that they would take the opportunity of this conference, to actively create conditions for cooperation, and strive to expand the scope of cooperation. Mr. Mei Jianhua and his party visited Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR), attended the signing ceremony of the agreement between Shandong Ailyu Jitai Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. and IOLR on talent and technology introduction. In Haifa, Mr. Mei Jianhua visited Gepu Company’s factory greenhouse hydroponic vegetable cultivation base; the two sides negotiated about technology introduction, discussing cooperation on planting technology projects in Laiwu, and building a Sino-Israeli industrial park characterized by Israel’s new and high technologies. In Tel Aviv, Mr. Mei Jianhua met with Mr. Gabriel Mcgregor, former Israeli Minister of Science and Technology. Mr. Gabriel Mcgregor stated that he would bring into full play his advantages in respect of his connections, information, etc, to actively recommendIsrael’s high-tech companies and professionals to Laiwu, and assist Laiwu in attracting foreign business and investment and developing foreign trade. Mr. Mei Jianhua also came to the Techcode Israel-China Innovation Center, to recommend Laiwu’s relevant enterprises to the center, and carried out an in-depth communication for speeding up and boosting deep cooperation betweenIsrael’s new and high technologies and Laiwu’s relevant enterprises.
  From August 6 to 9, Mr. Mei Jianhua and his party visitedGeorgia. In Kutaisi, he had a cordial meeting with Kutaisi Mayor Shota Muguria, the two sides carried out an in-depth communication for deepening cooperation, and reached a broad consensus. Mr. Mei Jianhua said that after Laiwu City and Kutaisi became sister cities last year, the two sides jointly held economic and trade cooperation exchange conferences, and the association between the governments and enterprises of the two cities became increasingly close; we will further deepen economic and trade cooperation, and meanwhile strengthen associations in culture, education, tourism and other areas, to pragmatically push ahead with achieving complementary advantages for each other, industrial partnering between the two sides, and mutual benefits and win-win results, and further deepen the partnership between the two sides. Mayor Shota Muguria stated that he highly appreciated the friendly association between the two sides, and would give full support for the communication and cooperation between the two sides to develop into higher levels continually. After the meeting, Mr. Mei Jianhua was interviewed by the local news media. In Tbilisi, he met with the winery SAAMO’s CEO, and had an in-depth communication on the cooperation between the winery SAAMO and Bunse Elevator Co., Ltd., the expansion of the sales market, and other issues. Mr. Mei Jianhua also led the delegation to the Hualing Industrial Park for an investigation, and carried out an in-depth communication and discussion with the head of the group, and reached a consensus on boosting the partnership and cooperation between the two sides as well as the economic and trade cooperation between enterprises of Laiwu andGeorgia.
  Laiwu Municipal Government Secretary-General Wei Guangqing and the heads of the city’s Foreign Affairs Office, Laicheng District, and High-tech Zone travelled alongside.