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Laiwu’s Ginger Slices Available in Japan’s High-end Restaurants



On July 31, two full containers of sushi ginger slices produced by Shandong Manhing Foods Co., Ltd. (“Manhing” below) departed from the port of Qingdao and sailed towards a Japanese port across the sea.  
     In 2013, sushi ginger slices produced by Manhing already entered the Japanese market, yet its annual export volume then was just over 100 tons. Now, that volume has reached 10,000 tons. Besides, its sushi ginger slices, which represent the highest technology level of ginger production, already take a market share of above 30% inJapan. 
     At present, sushi ginger slices produced by Manhing are not only sold widely in European and American countries, but also available in mid-to-high end restaurants and sushi restaurants in Osaka, Nagoya and other places inJapan.