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Our City Organized Team to Participate the Conference of Great Business Partners of 2018


  From Sep. 28 to Sep. 29, the Conference of Great Business Partners of 2018 was held in Jinan, and our city organized team to participate the conference. Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Mei Jianhua attended the conference, and the member of Standing Committee and the Executive Deputy Mayor Meng Lingxing, the member of Standing Committee and the Minister of Propaganda Department Liu Honghai participated the relevant activities.

  The Conference of Great Business Partners of 2018 takes the “Observing Business Ethics, Creates Success” as the purpose, the “New Era, New Kinetic Energy, New Confucian Business, New Vision” as the theme, adheres to the Confucianism of “When the great way prevails, the world is equally shared by all. All nations live side by side in perfect harmony, make a concerted effort and mutual cooperation”, take the conference as the medium to promote the integration of the Confucian Business wisdom and the modern enterprise management, to set up a platform for high-level dialogue exchange, negotiation and cooperation and common development for the elites from all walks of life at home and abroad. Sharing Shandong’s opening-up new opportunity, grasping the new advantage of Shandong’s development, and seizing the high-point of kinetic energy conversion. More than 1,000 guests from the domestic and international business circle, the scientific and technological circle, the educational circle, the cultural tourism industry, the medical and health community, the financial circle, the community and the overseas Chinese business enterpriser and entrepreneurs, as well as nearly 3000 related experts and scholars, entrepreneurs representative of “top ten” industries together in the Jinan City to discuss the development plans.

  In addition to various conference activities such as the symposium and opening ceremony, the Conference of Great Business Partners of 2018 has also organized 12 parallel forums around the new generation of information technology and has signed a batch of major projects; Shandong provincial economic and social development achievement exhibition, new and old kinetic energy conversion major engineering planning exhibition, Shandong old brand feature product exhibition are held, through exhibition and interaction, let guests experience the local customs, special delicious food and traditional national technique of Shandong Province. In addition, the cities will also organize guests to carry out colorful activities such as home inspection, visiting friends and relatives, cooperation and exchanges, etc.

  Our city attached great importance to the conference, and carried out the “one-to-one” pair contact between municipal leaders and the participants of Shandong Conference of Great Business Partners, and invited 15 guests to attend the conference. Before the conference, our city also held a series of activities on guests homecoming of “Confucian Businessman in Laiwu and Three Attracting and Three Introduces” to organize businessman to conduct field visit and inspection in Laiwu, focused on the promotion of advantageous projects of Laiwu, carried out economic and trade negotiations and centralized signing activities, and appointed a number of investment promotion consultants and agents and achieved positive results and good response. At the parallel forum held in the afternoon of Sep. 29, the Xueye Lake cultural tourism town project of our city and high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park project of Shandong Energy Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Group signed up on site, and Meng Lingxing, Liu Honghai attended the relevant signing ceremony. At the same time, the Conference introduced 23 high-quality projects in our city.