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Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Industry


  Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industry developed in coordination with each other. During the whole year, the value added of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industry reached 5.573 billion yuan, an increase of 4.1 percent over the previous year. Among them, the value added of agriculture stood at 4.18 billion yuan, an increase of 4.4%; the value added of forestry reached 180 million yuan, an increase of 7.1%; the value added of animal husbandry was 1.062 billion yuan, an increase of 4.2%; the value added of fishery industry was 88 million yuan, an increase of 1.9%; the value added of services of  agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industry equaled to 61 million yuan, up 2.7%.

  Agricultural production was basically stable. Over the course of the year, the grain crops sown area reached 567,800 mu with a total grain output of 460 million jin; cotton sown area registered 23,000 mu, an increase of 8,000 mu over the previous year, while the cotton output hitting 3,076 tons, an increase of 97.3 percent over last year; oilseeds sown area stood at 123,000 mu, an increase of 18,000 mu, while the oil plants production hitting 23,600 tons, an increase of 20.3 percent; tobacco sown area reached 20,400 mu, a decrease of 323 mu, while the output hitting 2,763 tons, a decrease of 0.9 percent; gross output of meat recorded 63,000 tons, an increase of 1 percent; egg production reached 33,000 tons, an increase of 3.4 percent; milk production amounted to 1,807 tons, a decrease of 4.9 percent; aquatic products production reached 3577 tons, an increase of 1.5 percent.

  Agricultural production condition continued to improve. The annual fiscal expenditures for agriculture, forestry and water affairs totaled 1.02 billion yuan, an increase of 7.1% over the previous year. The city secured RMB 11,900,000 subsidy under the national farm machinery purchase subsidiary policy to support farmers buying more than 6311 sets (pieces) of various types of machines and tools, while cultivating and developing 26,000 agricultural skilled-workers. The city secured RMB 2.2 million subsidized capital from the province to support the subsoiling project with subsidized acreage reaching 55 thousand mu, along with radiation-driven area hitting 100,000 mu. The total value of the city's agricultural machinery reached 1.025 billion yuan, an increase of 3.18 percent over the previous year; the total power of agricultural machinery stood at 1.0133 million kilowatt at the end of the year, and the comprehensive mechanization level of main crops production reached 84 percent, while the electromechanical irrigation area hitting 28,890 hectares.

  Farmland water conservancy construction forged ahead steadily. The construction of two rain-flood resources utilization project started over the course of the year, and the comprehensive management of soil erosion area of 3,160 hectares were comprehensively treated. The newly-increased and restored effective irrigation area was 1,670 hectares and the effective irrigation area reached 36,700 hectares throughout the year; the newly developed water-saving irrigation area hit 4,160 hectares, making the total water-saving irrigation area reach 36,760 hectares.

  Agriculture modernization construction achieved splendid results. Over the course of the year, 2 agro-product processing demonstrative cooperatives under national farmer cooperatives, 10 provincial-level demonstrative cooperatives, 10 municipal-level leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, 30 demonstrative cooperatives and 18 demonstrative family farms were newly increased. The number of leading agricultural enterprises at the provincial-level or above has reached 18 by the end of the year. The number of pollution-free, green and organic agricultural products with agricultural product geographical indications stood at 286, and 49 products were newly added. Among them, there are 34 newly certificated green agricultural products and 15 newly increased pollution-free agricultural products. Besides, more than 50 irrigation-fertilization-integration demonstration sites have been set up in the city, and the total area experiencing unified prevention and control of crop diseases and pests has reached 1,045,000 mu. 5 agricultural standard production model bases at municipal-level and provincial-level were newly increased respectively. 87 villages have gone through the stocklization reform on land contracted management right, and the shared acreage has reached 92,200 mu; 55 villages have completed the stocklization reform on rural collective assets.