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The First Foreigner's Social Security Card Issued by our City


  The first foreign insured person's social security card in our city was successfully launched at 11:51 a.m. on Sep. 11.

  According to the introduction, the insured person, TAYYABASAD, Chinese Name: 泰亚博·阿瑟, Nationality: Pakistan, is the founder of Shandong Taiyabo Dingsheng International Trade Co., Ltd. He began to participate in employees' insurance in our city in Apr. this year. According to the requirements of the Human Resource and Social Security Department of Shandong Province, foreign participants can make social security cards with their passports, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau coordinate with system developers, upgrade and reform the system, and support foreign participants to make cards. In Sep., the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Laiwu City together with ICBC Longyuan Sub-branch by means of the instant card printing mode, made and issued the social security card of the People's Republic of China for TAYYABASAD. After picking up the card, TAYYABASAD can enjoy the treatment of social insurance in our country on the basis of social security card.