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Specialty Resources


Laiwu is the national famous production bases of grain, vegetables, fruit and livestock. It is the Native Land of Ginger in China, due to the planting area of 400,000 mu and the output of 800,000 tons of Three Spicy Products (ginger, garlic and green onions). It is the Native Land of Prickly Ash in China, due to the annual output of 4.6 million kilograms of strong-flavor prickly ash. It’s also famous for the Honey-sweet Peach and is the Native Land of Honey-sweet Peach in China, due to the planting area of 100,000 mu and the annual output of more than 120,000 tons. As for the livestock, Laiwu Three Blacks (black pig, black chicken and black goat) are of finest quality in China. More output means stronger ability to store. By now, there are more than 230 constant temperature storerooms in Laiwu, forming the largest group of constant temperature storerooms for agricultural and sideline products in China. The number of the enterprises processing agriculture products has reached more than 350, with a total annual storing and processing capacity of 1.2 million tons. The products sell well in both domestic and overseas markets.


In addition, Laiwu specialties also include Laiwu sausage, Laiwu mutton soup, swallow stone crafts, tin engraving handicrafts, Laiwu plessite, Laiwu chestnuts, ox-heart persimmon, white-flower Salvia miltiorrhiza, Chenlou Tanggua, dry-roasted tea, Laiwu ginger wine, etc.


Laiwu has plentiful natural resources and mineral resources. At present, it has been proven that Laiwu has scores of mineral resources, such as coal, iron, copper, gold, aluminum, zinc, granite, marble, limestone and so on, especially being rich in coal and iron, with 1.2 billion tons of coal reserves and 650 million tons of iron ore reserves, which ranks first in East China. The annual output is 4 million tons raw coal and 4 million iron ore, which is known as the “Eight-Treasure Phoenix City”.