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Investment Environment


With the reputations of “National Sanitary City”, “National Garden City”, “China Excellent Tourism City”, “National Excellent City for Comprehensive Improvement of Urban Environment” and “National Double-Support Model City”, Laiwu has superior investment environments. Laiwu is truly the “Green Steel City”, with its beautiful scenery, 42% green coverage and 10.5 square meters of the public green land area per capita. The Fanggan Ecology Tourism Zone, Memorial Museum of the Laiwu Campaign, Xueye Provincial Scenic Spot, Qishan and Huashan Provincial Forest Park, etc. have become famous domestic scenic areas, making the superior residential environment for the residents, who are honest, industrious, warmhearted, hospitality and hardworking. All this makes the pure and simple local customs and a great cultural environment here. In recent years, adhering to be people-oriented and implementing the scientific concept of development, Laiwu Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have made a strategic plan of positively connecting Laiwu to Jinan, integrating Laiwu into the economic circle of the capital city, developing the Three Industry Areas and constructing the Four Functional Zones, and effectively promoted the development of urban and rural integration. It further adjusts and optimizes the industrial structure, transforms the mode of economic development, and develops the tertiary industry, modern service industry, high-tech industry and other emerging industries.