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Investment Priority


Laiwu has a remarkable regional economy and prominent resource advantage. In recent years, fully considering the real condition and implementing the scientific concept of development, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have made a strategic plan of developing the Three Industry Areas and constructing the Four Functional Zones, which means that the new framework of Laiwu’s economic and social development has been established. At present, the Three Industry Areas and Four Functional Zones are rising abruptly and have become the excellent carriers for investment promotion, the high platforms for export-oriented economy development and the new windows for opening up to the outside world.

“Three Industry Areas”:
  1. Ecotourism Area in the North. The area focuses on Xueye Tourist Area and is superior in landscape ecological resources. It involves five towns and covers an area of more than 400 square kilometers. At present, the overall plan of 88-square kilometer core scenic spots has been completed, and dozens of ecological tourism spots have been developed, such as Jiulong Grand Canyon, Home in Heaven, Xueye Lake, etc., with the annual tourist reception of more than 2.60 million. It has planned to emphasize on introducing and constructing tourism, five-star hotels, entertainment, water sports, mountain sports, bathing beaches and other projects.

  2. Ginger and Garlic Industry Area in the Mid-west. The area focuses on Laicheng Ginger and Garlic Industrial Area and makes efforts to create the domestic first-class germplasm resource bases, standardized planting bases, storing, transporting and processing bases and products information trade center. The area mainly involves six towns and covers an area of more than 370 square kilometers. At present, it has already developed ginger and garlic standardized production bases of more than 300,000 mu, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons, more than one ton per household; it has also established more than 600 processing, storing and transporting enterprises, with a processing, storing and transporting capacity of 1.2 million tons, 2 times of the local production. Many projects are under construction, including the Ginger Planting Resource Base, the Ginger Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, the Trading Center for Ginger and Garlic Industrial Park, etc. It has planned to emphasize on introducing and constructing the deep processing, information research and development, storing, transporting and trading, and other projects of ginger, garlic and other agricultural products.

  3. Steel Processing and Logistics Area in the South. The area relies on the big enterprises such as Laiwu Steel and takes advantage in the steel industry. It mainly involves four towns and 250,000 people. At present, it has developed more than 372 steel deep processing enterprises, with an annual processing capacity of 5.5 million tons; it has also established 283 logistics enterprises, with an annual logistics volume of more than 22 million tons. Taking the Qilu Steel Logistics Park, Laiwu Steel Technology Research and Development Center and other key projects as the core, it has planned to emphasize on introducing and constructing the steel intensive processing, modern logistics and other projects.


“Four Functional Zones”:
  They are namely the Municipal High-tech Industry Development Zone, Laicheng Industrial Zone, Gangcheng Development Zone and Xueye Tourist Area. The Four Functional Zones have planned to emphasize on introducing and constructing the industries on high-tech, mechanical processing, energy, textile, tourism, service, culture and other projects.